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As a Fine Art and Contemporary Photographer, Mona Miri’s, style appropriately represents the struggle of change through her landscapes. However, she defines change through environmental series, a collection of urban landscapes, allows the audience to experience this industrial development. The Boston Globe, LA times, Improper Bostonian Magazine, PDN Magazine, Digital Photographer Magazine US and UK, CMYK Photography Magazine, Treehugger, Planet Green and more have featured her series in their respective issues. Her photography has also been included at the Copley Society of Art Gallery ( CO|SO ) in Boston, which also showcased her landscapes. In addition, her self-portrait, ' Reflect ', received the JoAnne Gonzalla Award for Excellence in Art as well as receiving an Environmental Stewardship Award from Sterling Planet. Her versatility is seen in her polaroid transfers and mixed media pieces, also exhibited at Co|So Gallery. In January of 2009 she showcased her Sustainable Photography work sponsored by the city of San Francisco at the Somart Cultural Center.  Currently residing in the Fort Point artist community, she has been exhibited at the FPAC gallery, at the Envoy Gallery, and has been involved in open studios since 2015. Mona has evolved as a photographer along the various stages in her life. Since the early stages of her work in 1999-2000, Mona’s work has progressed as an environmentally friendly, green and planet based photography today. She partners with the Arbor Day Foundation and Sterling Planet to plant trees in national parks and urban areas as well off-setting through Wind Power every year since 2009. She exclusively has worked with plant based material such as Bamboo, a renewable resource, as well as reclaimed wood for her frames. She also works as a commercial and editorial photographer in Boston and in New York and applies her green based work in the commercial advertising industry.  As she continues her practice as a sustainability photographer, her maturity, creativity and contemporary work will always reflect in her photographs. 

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